Bringing brands to life.


Craftsman makecation

The country's best makers, according to Craftsman, were brought to Brooklyn for a 3 day event where they got to learn various fabrication techniques from some of the best in the business. We transformed a Williamsburg warehouse into multiple zones, delineating each with different workbenches and large format wall graphics. (Agency: Villain)



To help retailers better reach their customers, Dell brought them all to Austin City Limits to let them experience the Dell ecosystem. Through five different vignettes, we showed the reps how multiple Dell products could work together to do it all - from a hands free helper in the kitchen, to running a small business or even producing one of the greatest live DJ sets around. (Agency: Jack Morton)



Chinese smartphone makers OnePlus wanted to launch their new device, 2, in a big way. So we brought them to Times Square for a pop-up invite only experience, where fans of the phone could meet the creator and be the first to get their hands on one. 


nike court

Leading up to the US Open, Nike wanted to celebrate it's new Nike Court Collection by creating a pop-up court, that allowed Nike+ users to play around the clock for 95 hours. Built out in a vacant lot on Canal Street - complete with bleachers and a locker room - passersby could watch games all day and night, even catching glimpses of their favorite tennis stars. (Agency: Production Glue)