Mix advanced degrees in Interior Architecture and Exhibition Design with a passion for 'things' that borders on hoarding, and you'll end up with the perfect space.



Home to our office as well as member-based coworking, we converted this raw interior into a light and airy space for creatives to thrive. Hand picked art, books, plants and artifacts bring character and personality without feeling too cluttered. The layout was designed to create smaller work spaces within the open floor plan.



We brought "Garden Glam" across the country at 5 beauty events from SF to NYC. With Vitalist Foundation as the featured product, we highlighted it's natural qualities by bringing in lots of plant life and wood tones. To elevate the space and complement the packaging, we used glass and gold displays, terrariums and cake trays.


Those Who Can't Premiere

To celebrate the premiere of truTV's new comedy series 'Those Who Can't' we brought high school to LA in a big way. A logo wall made out of pencils, a giant paper airplane crashed into the courtyard, marquee signs, and posters in the bathroom stalls. Science beakers and globes filled with candy, branded Smoot High pencils, and fun buttons were piled on stacks of books to set the mood and give people something to bring home.


Jack Morton San Francisco

Jack's west coast office was in need of a refresh. The space was drab and lacked the impromptu meeting areas that help creative thinking flourish. We reconfigured the seating layout allowing open space to create more intimate gathering areas. The resulting office is flexible and can be used i a variety of ways, as employees see fit.


Proctor & Gamble Future Fabrics

We were hired to create installations for multiple P&G events, including an 8' wide hand crafted string art logo, a soft floral inspired installation for Downy and flowing fabric sheets.



Each season, Jack Morton would completely change the waiting area in their office lobby. We had to come up with new ideas that were eye catching and got guests rethinking what an office experience should be. 


AIGA 365|30

We worked with AIGA to showcase the best print and packaging work of 2008. Hundreds of pieces were categorized and needed to be laid out in the gallery. We used raw studs to create deconstructed rooms which allowed visitors to focus on each category, without feeling enclosed.