Who makes it look good in person, on camera, and has the Emmy's to prove it? We do.


Democracy Plaza 2012

Working with Jack Morton PDG, we designed and executed a week long transformation of Rockefeller Plaza during the 2012 election. Live broadcast positions surrounded the rink - which featured a map updated manually throughout election night. Consumer activations in partnership with Microsoft surface lined the Channel Gardens and the Concourse, and the NBC Experience store featured many ways for people to get involved.


Education nation 2011

NBC News' annual summit to discuss the state of education in America was the cause to rethink the rink at Rockefeller Plaza. The Prometheus statue became the backdrop for the stage, surrounded by a projection mapped digital 'fountain of knowledge'. Both plenary sessions and breakouts were included in the same space, with change-over happening quickly by placing the audience on rotating platforms. A soundproof sky booth in the corner allowed live news broadcasts while the event was taking place, and a twitter fountain allowed people at home to participate. (Agency: Jack Morton)


Education nation 2012

Held in the New York Public Library, we took inspiration from the Celeste Bartos Forum for the design of the 2012 set for NBC News' Education Nation Summit. Social media feeds were integrated into the archway surrounding the stage, and vertical monitors in the center of the back wall added depth and motion, while the angled projection screens provided the content or backdrops for the panelists. We wrapped the columns on the front of the library to create a backdrop for the broadcast booth across the street in the Andaz Hotel. (Agency: Jack Morton)


NBC Universal at CES

NBC Universal's footprint at CES highlighted a different network each day. The globe stage at the center of the booth changed color to allow it to be branded to each network. The programming of the globe changed daily as well, featuring celebrities, gaming, and cooking demos. Swings hung from the grid and outfitted with iPads allowed guests to relax while browsing NBC Universal offerings. A broadcast booth allowed NBC anchors to report live from the CES floor, and a blogger lounge provided a comfy spot for influencers to do their work. (Agency: Jack Morton)